Pinocchio's mouth(2018)
2-screen video installation, live performance, plasticine, printed iPhone case
Video (09:08 min), performance (15 min), installation (various dimensions)

A ‘performance artist’ is seated behind a desk in front of theatrical black-out curtains. She speaks directly to the camera positioned in front of her. While asking questions out loud, she responds to questions which appear as subtitles on another screen. The conversation becomes hyper self-conscious as the artist starts replicating herself in plasticine. The video ends with a ventriloquist act of the mini-performance artist claiming: “I’ll teach you how to represent yourself”.

Live performance: the performance artist, dressed in the exact same outfit as in the video, enters the installation. She demonstrates the audience a short lip-synced session on ‘how to represent yourself’. A satirical tutorial based on the overload of self-improvement videos and TED Talks found online such as ‘how to find your truest self’, ‘how to be the most successful self’ and even guides on ‘how to sell yourself’.

Performed live at Royal College of Art, London 2018

polymer clay, custom Iphone 6s case, vinyl 2019-02-06 at 15_22_34_v2.jpg