Work your ass off_Hee-ha! Hee-ha!(2018)
Site-specific sculpture, video, live performance
Performance (15 min), sculpture (200 x 200 x 116cm)

Get Lost commissioned project for CODE OF CONDUCT, a three-month-long show in public space at the centre of Amsterdam’s business district.

Video: 02:36 min instruction video screened in a local gym, café and conference venue.

Sculpture: wood, paint, stelcon plate, rubber tiles, spring.

Live performance: loud beats play through speakers across the square. The same donkey-instructor from the video forces her way through the crowd towards the donkey-ass sculpture. The instructor shouts out blurred blurbs of motivational speeches in business jargon. Rapping with full speel like a manic poet on too much coffee. 15 performers, all in greyish clothes, face the instructor.? The demonstration evolves into donkey-enactments with donkey-kick repetitions and loud sets of “hee-ha! hee-ha!'s”.

"Do we work simply for work’s sake? Is working towards a more successful self the actual work? (...) Frijstein provides the beast of burden and its traits a platform as a means towards high performance and excellence in work.” - Get Lost

© Emilio Moreno

Many thanks to GET LOST foundation