Living with worms(2019)
Live performance, drawing, performance-lecture, workshop
Performance (25 min), drawing (28 x 38cm), performance-lecture (30 min), workshop (90 min)

The worm project consists of several pieces: a live performance 'Living with worms' i.c.w. Alexander Robertson, Disorder Live Art, London 201; 'Hi Wormy', watercolour on paper; 'NEW WORM ORDER' a performance lecture by a worm elaborating on symbiosis versus parasitism, N — E º W ( S ) at Jupiter Woods, London, 2019; a workshop where participants were instructed to become worms, N — E º W ( S ) at Jupiter Woods, London, 2019; the 3D rendering of the worm resulting in an animated video i.c.w. Natalia Janula, Chalton Gallery, 2019.

Live performance: thunder and techno pump out of ‘the wormhole’, a pile of cardboards covered under black cloth, a domestic representation of a worm’s home. Two worms burst out of the wormhole and wiggle into a sitcom of a comical domestic loop: “Coffee darling?” “Yes, dear, lovely”. “Have you seen the weather darling?” Miserable day, darling.” “Dark day indeed”. Then, a loud authorative voice spits out provocative poetry; the two innocent worms gradually morph into one sinister parasite. Showing us how a harmless thought or meme can turn into an infectious toxic dogma. The absurd and the comic provoke an uncanny double bind of laughter.