HoPPy DaZe(2019)
Live performance, video-installation
Performance (25 min), installation (various dimensions)

Boiling Frog Syndrome, a psychological syndrome where anger is suppressed until it is too late and the situation escalates, approached as a metaphor for the current ecological crisis, resulted in the HoPPy DaZe project.

HoPPy_DaZe_Boiling Frog Syndrome_live
”According to Anna Frijstein (RCA), dressed in bright green shorts and raincoat, the world is not just melting but boiling over; it is a hot saucepan in which we are all hopping about, wondering when to jump. In her performance Hoppy Daze, Frijstein becomes a bubblegum-chewing frog, lunging around a set of foam rocks, lily pads and giant globs of gum with amphibian verve. She pushes and prods the audience to speak about their suppressed emotions, managing to extract laughs whilst pulling an art crowd firmly out of their comfort zone—one that we might all need shaking out of if we are to stand any chance of our future looking bright, not orange." Review by ELEPHANT magazine, London 2019